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Hatice Atas is the Director of Arty Crafty Explorers. Hatice provides after school art classes for ages 5+, also offering weekend art courses and art craft workshops for children.

  • BA (HONS) Art and Design Degree.
  • Experienced Art Club Teacher

Independent Artist

Our Purpose

Arty Crafty Explorers offer exciting creative classes to learners of ages 5+. We help the growth of children’s visual skills by providing engaging and educational art projects that are fun. We aim to improve technical and practical art and crafts skills while exploring a wider understanding of art media and materials. Children will build confidence using a variety of artistic techniques and processes as well as being creative, inspired and having fun.

At Arty Crafty Explorers there are a range of exciting and fun classes and events that are available!

Hatice Atas


Saturday Art Class for Kids

Saturday Art Class for Kids

Our classes teach children new skills and how to use different materials. We also run weekly art sessions for children which is great for those who enjoy being creative and want to become better artists.

After School Art Clubs

After School Art Clubs

Our new after school art sessions provide an opportunity for children to explore a wide variety of materials and techniques, with an emphasis on creativity, fun and experimentation

Holiday Art Camps Ages 5 – 12

Holiday Art Camps Ages 5 – 12

Our Multi-Activity Holiday Camps offer an abundance of fun, age-oriented activities (4-5 year-olds, 6-9 year-olds and 10-12 year-olds).

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